The Research Ethics Board (REB) is authorized to review the ethical acceptability of research and
to approve, reject, propose modifications to, or terminate any proposed or ongoing research
involving human participants. The coordinator will be responsible for maintaining a transparent
process of reviews as well as monitor ongoing research activities. They will also be responsible
for record keeping. Finally, it will be the responsibility of the coordinator to select 5 to 7 board
members in consultation with the manager research & development and the President. Successful
candidate will receive further training and ongoing support.


This post requires prior experience in research ethics. Applicants should have expertise in policies,
guidelines, regulations and standards governing the ethical conduct of research and protection of
human research participants and ideally have extensive experience as a research ethics board chair
or member. This post also requires prior experience in research activities. The candidate should be
interested in mental health care in one of the following fields: psychology, medicine, nursing, or
sociology. They must have received training in cognitive behaviour therapy. They must also be
eligible for accreditation with their respective professional College and professional licensure
body. Those accredited as CBT therapists will be given preference.

Reporting responsibilities

Incharge research ethics board will report to the president.

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